Braced Swingarm
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Here we offer a Braced swingarm.  By bracing the swingarm the bike will handle better because the swingarm will not twist under load.  We precision weld the brace to a used swingarm.  We offer this on any of the differant Airhead swingarms. Short wheelbase /5, longwheelbase /5, /6. /7, 1981 and later longwheelbase. R65 duel shock.  What we offer here for 350$ is a complete unit, A used swingarm with the brace installed, new powdercoating, new bearings and seals installed. A ready to bolt on unit.  We also can weld a brace to your swingarm for 190$. We can also offer the swingarm in bare steel if you want to paint it or have it powdercoated the same as the rest of your bike. We try our best to keep these on the shelf finished but sometimes it may take a little extra time to ship.   Please ask Questins

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Braced Swingarm

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